Hey Conservatives – January 6 Was a fascist insurrection, you assholes

Just a note to any both-sidesers and Nazi apologists out there. Real quick, come gather around and listen in.

You ready? You got your hearing aids in?

January 6 was a fascist insurrection. This was an attempted coup. Whether they wanted to “stop the steal” or kill Nancy Pelosi, the big big big point is that the president of the United States incited a violent mob to intimidate and/or kill his political opposition. His friends were embedded with the most extreme and organized cells of white nationalists. Members of his party GAVE RECON TOURS to the very insurrectionists they later claimed to denounce. This wasn’t a handful of randos who got too excited. We were 20 feet away from finding out how fragile our democracy really is.

Yeah, sure, there were sightseers in the crowd. There were angry tourists who got in too deep. We can’t paint every single person who made it into the Capitol building with a broad brush. But the hapless tourists were the cover for an organized, motivated attempt to overthrow our democratically-elected government. This isn’t a philosophical discussion, dude. These same groups of militant fascists and white nationalists have tried to abduct or murder several governors. They built pipe bombs and snuck them into the capitol building, dude. They stashed weapons in and around the capitol the day before the rally. Intent seems pretty fucking clear to me.

Yeah! It was all an inside job!

And don’t go swinging the other way on me now either. I don’t think the cops let this happen, or wanted this to happen, or that the military was involved. Personally, I believe we can take their shitty intentions pretty much at face value, and that we can point to laziness and prejudice from leadership much more easily than malice. Trump’s ego wouldn’t let him accept defeat gracefully. Ted Cruz and Marjory Taylor Greene want to be household names and thought pouring gasoline on this fire would get them lots of Fox News brownie points. The Pentagon and police in general are deeply infected by white supremacy, and are also friends with these assholes off-duty. They said to themselves “come on, it’s Dave the Klansmen. What’s he gonna do?” and that led them to underestimate the mob. There’s no conspiracy on the cop side, just assholes and idiots top to bottom.

And I know I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna keep saying it – the people who took this seriously, who brought zip-ties and weapons and took six seconds to cover their faces so they would be less identifiable? They want genocide, man. Those guys want to kill me personally because of my identity. Fuck them. Arrest them. We have to do better.

Edit: Maybe it was partially an inside job

Just…. jesus christ. Maybe I have too much faith in humanity after all