Have you ever been wronged, hurt, or violated, and then dismissed with a seemingly-innocent “why are you so angry”?

Fuck that. I say you deserve to be angry

I don’t know where you’re from, but I’m an American; and here in the grand old US of A we have a long and storied tradition of invalidating the oppressed, the marginalized, and the just-plain-offended by demonizing anger. We value “civil discussion” and “rational debate” and all that other enlightenment hooey at the expense of the actual feelings and needs of real people. We treat feelings as invalid, as separable, as an interference in the free market of ideas. And dear god is that infuriating.

Anger is valid, y’all. Anger is real. And this site is a celebration of what a little anger can do for you


The Gaslighting of Dave Mustaine

When I was younger, I was told a very silly story about a very ignorant man who thought he was being “cool” and “edgy” but was really just naive (or worse, moronic). It was a morality tale about not believing everything you hear, but a little bit of digging reveals…
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Raising the Minimum Wage Isn’t Enough

Work is not a collaboration. Work is not a partnership. Work is what you do when threatened with starvation and poverty and forced to take less than you deserve. Because we ALL deserve better than what we’re getting right now.
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WTF even is self-care anymore?

Self-care is a nonsense word. It may have meant something once, but it has been stolen from us and weaponized against us. It’s just a way to sell us shit now.Resist that shit. Resist so hard.
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